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Moran Fruit farm with U-Pick Muscadine grapes, Pears and sweet Persimmons

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Hello friends. We never had enough blueberries for U-Pic. The grapes and sweet persimmons are coming on like gangbusters and should start eary August and run through the end of September. Keep an eye on this website for updates or call anytime to (352) 3444496. Meanwhile....stay healthy, Patrick and Linda. 

Call to make an appointment. We are open every day. These grapes have the highest levels of antioxidents of any fruit tested in the world. three grapes a day give you all the resveritrol your body needs. The persimmons not only taste good but have beneficial effects especially for your eyes. They can be dried whole and end up as a sweet wonderful bisquit that you can store for long periods of time. The cake recipe on this page is to die for. Delicious, nutricious, and makes you feel ambitious!!


Floral City, Florida 34436

Phone: (352) 344-4496

Hours: You must call ahead for an appointment to visit or learn when we are open for u-pick

How To Order

Presently we are only offering ginger plants for sale by phone. Otherwise, you must come to the farm.
 Here is a nice recipe for the persimmons! PERSIMMON CAKE
2&1/2 C Sugar  2tsp baking powder  2 tsp baking Soda  2 C Walnuts
1&1/2 C Shortening  3 tsp Cinnamon  2 C Persimmons
3 Eggs  pinch of salt  2 tsp Allspice 2&1/2 C Flour  2 C Raisins, dark or golden
 Cream the sugar and shortening, add eggs.  Mix in rest of ingredients
mix in well. Add nuts and raisins.  Bake in tube pan at 350 for one hour
and 20 minutes.  Keep checking it after one hour


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